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Terri Goon and her dog Pib


I moved to Longmont when just 5 years old and I have seen it grow and change many times.  One thing that hasn't changed is the quality of people here and their spirit for success - however that is defined.  

I love this city!  You may have seen me sitting at booths during community events, cooking for others, knocking on doors during campaign seasons or just walking the dog.  I am a database manager by trade and am an animal lover to the core having worked and/or volunteered in the industry for over 30 years.

I entered the race because Mayor Peck needs to hear our government has "run out of other people's money."  In 2024 we will be reeling with new property taxes.  Our council has added 3 new tax increase propositions for 4 new amenities. Voting for these new taxes is stating 'I want your money for my favorite project'.  

You should decide where your money should be invested, and city government should stay out of your pocket.  


As mayor I will always make certain that the principles of a free market are not forgotten. This is the path to a better life for all in Longmont.

Vote Terri Goon for Mayor in Longmont

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