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Matthew Bennett of the Longmont Times-Call

. It's a good article to read before voting. Some of the proponents are looking to have this center really put Longmont on the map (see Red Rocks).

The article points out that though someone is looking into developing the Sugar Mill site, the ballot measure does not have that particular site in the wording.

Next year 2024 our property taxes will be increasing by some amount. We don't know exactly how much yet. (Our valuations were adjusted by up to 40% but the correlation isn't one to one.)

The ballot measure 3D will be voted on November 7, 2023 BEFORE any of us get our new and higher property tax bill. (and if you rent - before you get your new and higher rent so the owner can afford their new property tax bill)

Please be aware of this and vote no on 3D. Not only because of the tax increase during such a year, but also because it's wrong.

By voting yes you are asking everyone to help pay for something YOU want without the least concern that they will be forced to pay whether they want to, can afford to, had other uses for that money or not. All for an entertainment venue.

Currently the Longmont Alliance for Arts and Entertainment will need to raise $35M before the tax kicks in. (you can donate here). I wish them well, but they should raise the entire $80,000,000 they need vs requiring those of us with other priorities to pay for their want.

Yes we are a community and as a community I would never choose to force you to pay for my interests no matter how expensive and uplifting they can be. Why is this different?

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