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A hearty congratulations to all the winners in the Longmont municipal election! Especially my opponent Joan Peck.

And a hearty congratulations to Longmont in the no votes on our 4 new taxes from 3 new ballot measures that went down in flames. And the no vote on prop HH.

My goal was met - I was able to be a voice for those of you who prefer less government. I know you heard me, I know others in the city heard me. We have to keep speaking up. I ran to do that in a very public way. Please think about running in 2 years. I will be happy to help you with whatever you need, even just the expectations.

I won 26% of the vote without spending hardly any money or using too much of my time. Imagine if you, someone who's owned a business, dealt with large budgets, and knows how to manage a large group of people ran for this office.

To the moon! It isn't impossible just because we are in Boulder County. We now have 4 new gas turbines to be used for electric power generation through 2030! We have those 3 new tax measures defeated. AND we have stronger voices for less government!!

I call that a win for Longmont!!

UPDATE: In trying to shut things down, I see that I've paid for this page through July. I will/may keep blogging until then. Feel free to visit/comment/share.

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