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Electric Rates

The city of Longmont owns it's own utility. The city of Longmont decided to become carbon free by 2030. fyi - this doesn't come cheap.

While we will soon be upset about higher rents due to property tax increases, and while we continue to hear about the lack of affordable and attainable housing we are on a path that is not the most efficient and so not the least expensive.

Rates were just increased in 2019 (if I remember correctly) to help maintain our electric system. I am all for planning and budgeting ahead of needs. THIS potential rate increase has to do with the expense of carbon free energy.

The Platte River Power Authority, which delivers energy to Longmont, Estes Park, Fort Collins and Loveland, also has a goal of generating 100% carbon free energy by 2030. To help meet its goal, PRPA has proposed a 5% increase in 2024 and 2025 to the cost of wholesale power, according to a council memo.
“I just want to say to the public that we do want to transition,” Mayor Joan Peck said during Tuesday’s study session. “It is what the city wants; it’s the council direction and it’s expensive.”

There is a first reading on this increase September 12th and a second in October.

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