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Suspension of right to public carry-NM

While this story regarding the Governor of NM calling the situation an emergency and unilaterally suspending the right to carry firearms is worth noting. It's an example of government deciding that it knows what is best for you. Oftentimes these decisions are based on complaints by the electorate. The Times-Call version had the quote below.

"As Governor, it's my job to take action and put New Mexicans' safety first - not complain about problems we are elected to solve." she said in a social media post over the weekend on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Government is not elected to solve all of our problems. It is meant to focus on individual rights, (justice, policing, judicial policy), add in fire, roads, water, electric at the municipal level and the job is named. If safety is first as she stated, then she should call an emergency and make it completely illegal for any person to drive. Traffic deaths are certainly greater than gun deaths in NM.

This will not happen because so far we still believe in the freedom of movement. If we are not careful we will choose to let government run that part of our lives as well.

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