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Unintended consequences

This story in the Longmont Times-Call about mobile home companies and price fixing does not have many facts to it, so forgive me as I suspect there is much more to the store than what is included.

BUT - lets talk about this. There are 115 communities in CO described as being affected by price fixing of multiple mobile home park owners. They did this by using data from one company in Michigan that studies manufactured and mobile home data.

Over the years prices increased at around 2.3% a year. Then between 2019 and 2021 rental prices increased by 9.1% a year.

What has been happening over these years in particular in Longmont? I don't believe you could build a mobile home park here anymore as it wouldn't be approved. In 2021 Longmont removed any approval for boarding house type places. With fewer affordable places to live, then yes the pricing on what is currently affordable is bound to go higher.

We claim the number one issue in Longmont is affordable housing while making it harder and harder for those who might want to build it. It is not illegal to make money. IF there were more mobile home parks, then those who use them would have more opportunity to leave where they are (and yes, I understand this isn't an easy proposition).

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